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Streamline Delivery Operations

Non-Storefront Delivery

Successful cannabis delivery operations require an agile fully-informed team. Without end-to-end integrated software, teams fail to get a grasp on their process and money is washed down the drain. Chaski was built with cannabis delivery operations in mind.

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    Optimized delivery routes, changes in lead processes that allow for sustainable opportunities to scale, and seed-to-sale Metrc compliance integrations make Chaski the best solution for delivery operators in California.

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Know your numbers

Minute-by-minute inventory management is critical for face-paced cannabis delivery operators. Chaski provides a real-time view of inventory, order tracking, payments, packaging and shipping — all in one simple-to-use platform.

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    The Inventory Reconciliation function allows your team to quickly and efficiently take physical inventory counts and map your external product names to their corresponding items in the compliance track-and-trace system.


Stay compliant

Don’t let the fear of non-compliance prevent your team from taking the lead. Chaski utilizes Metrc Data Synchronization to integrate state compliance reporting in live time, ensuring data accuracy and reducing redundant tasks.

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    Compliance is a moving target. Let Chaski do the work to keep you on the bullseye.

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Automated delivery

Delivery services require intelligent route management and bundling of orders.

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    Chaski allows delivery teams to automate routes, plan for multi-order delivery timelines, assign orders to drivers and bundle packages. Chaski’s Google Maps Integration pairs two powerful platforms to level up your delivery process.

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Be thorough

Drop the manual process and clerical errors. Chaski puts the power back in your hands with efficient processes to match COAs with packages when they are sold.

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    New integration capabilities with software like BarTender Label printer and Dispatchtrack put your team’s tools in one central place to communicate with one another. Take the work out of work with the help of Chaski.

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Ecommerce integration

Chaski’s website integration connects to your online store to retrieve incoming delivery orders, removing unnecessary extra steps in fulfillment. Customize your Chaski tools by defining processes unique to your business.

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    Track critical data throughout each stage of the manufacturing process, record operational costs that don’t require compliance reporting, like packing boxes, jars and labels, and monitor sales of non-regulated items like vape pens, rolling papers and grinders.

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Work smarter

Whether you’re fulfilling multiple orders or managing subscriptions, your team needs the support of full-service software to complete complex functions and track SOPs.

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    Now you can receive transfers in bulk with the option to automate with scales and scanners. Slow lead times and missed orders will be a thing of the past.

Software that works the way you do

While your team is busy delivering top-notch service to your local area, Chaski keeps your business running smoothly. Chaski’s seed-to-sale customizable software allows your delivery business to optimize routes, cut lead time, stay compliant, and track every dime in one centralized location. When your team works smarter, each dollar works harder.

Explore how Chaski delivers results

  • “I have yet to work with another company that is as adaptive, reliable, and as customer service-oriented as Ciclo.”
    Easton, Royal Key Organics
  • “Calibueno has been using Chaski since 2018. Great team, great technology and a game changer in cannabis.”
    Claudia, Calibueno

Advanced Integrations

Sales, Finance, Marketing, Transport, and On-Site Devices seamlessly sync with your data.

Non-Storefront Delivery Pricing



$149 USD/mo

  • Shared Server
  • Up to 500 Orders per Month
  • Mix n Match 3 Enhanced Features
  • Includes 1 Advanced Integration



$299 USD/mo

  • Dedicated Server
  • Up to 1500 Orders per Month
  • Mix n Match 4 Enhanced Features
  • Includes 2 Advanced Integrations



$999 USD/mo

  • Fastest Server
  • Up to 6,500 Orders per Month
  • Full suite of features
  • Unlimited Advanced Integrations

Non-Storefront Delivery

Lite Pro Enterprise
Order Processing Limits 500 Orders/mo 1500 Orders/mo 6500 Orders/mo
Receive Intakes
Scanner integration
Live Metrc Data Synchronization
Inventory Tracking and Reconciliation
Web Storefront Integration
Order Delivery Management
Metrc Retail Sales reporting
Enhanced Features Choose 3 Choose 4 Unlimited
Non-cannabis Inventory & Sales Tracking
Advanced API Integrations
Roles & Permissions
Companion Mobile Apps
Project & Task Management
Integrations Choose 1 More Choose 2 More Unlimited
Accumatica / Quantum Leaf
Dispatch Track

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