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Simplify your supply chain and build trust with the Listo cannabis-selling platform

Marijuana distributors have one of the most complex roles in the entire industry. From sourcing cannabis products and juggling inventory to managing communication and building a pipeline, the role comes with constant pressure in an already fast-paced environment.

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    You know you need the right tools to move your product and connect with the right suppliers so you can grow and scale, but you can’t afford to spend hours mastering new technology. You need more than a distribution platform — you need a solution that works for you in more ways than one.

Streamlined cannabis distribution

Finding and vetting wholesale sellers and cultivators can be challenging. Maintaining and building relationships takes time, and sometimes there’s a real lack of transparency with growers that complicates operations. As a cannabis distributor, you need access to real time inventory, who has been paid, what accounts are overdue, and incoming and outgoing orders. And then there’s the ever-growing pile of paperwork you need to stay on top of…

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    Listo is not just another cumbersome system you need to add to your to-do list. Listo is a secure cannabis-selling platform that tackles head-on the real-world problems marijuana distributors face. When you sign up, Listo will sync to your METRC. This connection allows you to streamline operations, improve customer relationships and build trust.

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Make cannabis distribution easy

Listo is here to make your life easier (and your business more scalable). We offer full implementation support and training to make the transition as simple and hassle-free as possible, so you can focus on what really matters: your business. With Listo, we guarantee the learning curve is short, manageable and 100% worth your while.

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    Listo allows you to onboard your partner ecosystem, creating a professional, standardized marketplace that simplifies and streamlines operations across the board. The mobile app ensures the entire process is user-friendly and transparent, so you can stay on top of the game.

The Listo app’s features

Listo’s innovative features are designed with marijuana distributors in mind, including:
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Custom closed marketplace for suppliers only
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Online Menus & QR Codes for sales reps on the go
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In-Depth Buyer Profiles
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Regional Pricing & Sales Data
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Sample Evaluations
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Automated Invoicing and Purchase Orders
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Messaging Portal
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Automate Compliance (we sync with METRC!)
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Secure Payment Gateway

Centralized data and compliance at your fingertips

Cannabis distributors have to balance a number of systems, applications and processes in order to operate. Adding yet another platform may feel like adding even more complexity to your already-convoluted system…but with Listo, the opposite is true.

Simplify supplier communication

With Listo’s increased transparency and instant messaging, you can juggle fewer calls, emails and texts. Our messaging portal will automate and sort deal milestones to simplify record-keeping. Listo provides SMS notifications of logistics updates for both parties, adding transparency to every deal.

What can cannabis distributors expect with Listo?

Listo is a cannabis-selling platform that helps distributors manage their procurement from start to finish. No more admin headaches or shaky deals with new suppliers. With Listo, you can:
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Work with our team to customize your marketplace store
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Onboard your supplier ecosystem
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Automate paperwork and inventory transparency
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Gain new insights into the market
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Enjoy rapid but reliable stock turnaround
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Run custom data reports to gauge your ecosystem’s health
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Benefit from our full support during and after onboarding

Source and sell with confidence

When you onboard your suppliers on Listo, your customers can see where their products are and when they will arrive to their next destination. You can also source bulk, view trends in pricing and genetics to make business decisions, and use our online menu to showcase or browse available inventory.

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    Listo’s in depth profiles allows you to get to know your suppliers better. It makes it easy for you to support your values and generate positive brand equity by partnering with value-aligned businesses and compassionate care programs.

    Listo will improve the process of selling and sourcing cannabis products without sacrificing more of your valuable time. It’s that easy!

Schedule a Listo demo today

As a cannabis distributor, you don’t need another tool — you need a transformation. One that takes away the hassle of paperwork, improves the quality and security of sampling and transportation, and makes the whole supply chain work more efficiently so you can realize your ambitions.

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    Listo is more than a marijuana wholesale distributor platform. It’s a distribution partner. We’ll make sure your business runs more efficiently from the minute you integrate with our app. We know time is of the essence. Schedule a Listo demo to get started today.

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