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All the tools you need — in a single, simple solution

Is your team using multiple tools or entirely manually processes to manage sourcing, selling and operations? When you’re in charge of everything from seed to sale, your team needs data at their fingertips to do the job right.

Listo offers a user-friendly, transparent and robust solution that combines all the tools you use every day into one platform. Access everything from invoicing to compliance to payments and marketing in a single app.

The most comprehensive app for vertically integrated cannabis companies

Vertically integrated cannabis companies deserve a sophisticated app that empowers the entire team by combining and streamlining multiple functions:

Inventory Management & Pricing
Sales & Order Fulfillment
Account Management & Communication
Compliance Documentation
Branding & Marketing

Streamline cannabis sourcing and distribution

Buy and sell cannabis on Listo, the only cannabis app serving California verticals and MSOs from source to sale. Implement the leading technology in cannabis operations, and focus your attention on building an empire.

Customized software for your
vertically integrated cannabis company

Maintain your brand and improve efficiency with a seamless solution for your vertically integrated cannabis company. Listo values form and function:

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Brand and customize your profile, storefront and menus. Listo looks like a custom marketplace without the cost of building a custom platform.
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Define how Listo works for your business. We customize the functionality of the app to fit your team’s specific needs.

One app for all your systems

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Online Menus with QR Codes
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In-Depth User Profiles
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Regional Pricing & Sales Data
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Sample Evaluations
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Invoicing and Purchase Orders
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Messaging Portal
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Automate Compliance
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Secure Payment Gateway

6 ways California vertical cannabis companies win with Listo

Listo offers cannabis vertical integration solutions that benefit every department.

Use data to empower teams

Efficient teams manage their operations in a user-friendly, transparent and accessible manner. Listo allows teams to access all their data and documentation in a single place and provides transparency in the marketplace. Give your team the power to make better decisions faster and improve their understanding of regional market price trends.

Automate paperwork and simplify compliance

Let technology do the work for you. Listo syncs with METRC to automate and streamline compliance. Why spend precious hours on repetitive and tedious paperwork? Listo will automate contracts, purchase orders, invoices and even 8300 forms for deals larger than $10K, so your team can focus on revenue generation and operations.

Simplify communication

With Listo’s increased transparency and instant messaging, your team will juggle fewer calls, emails and texts, and that information can be shared with and accessed by all team members at any time. Our messaging portal will automate and sort deal milestones to simplify record-keeping. Listo provides SMS notifications of logistics updates for both parties, adding transparency to every deal.

Maintain brand image everywhere

Successful vertically integrated cannabis companies never miss an opportunity to extend their brand image. Not only does Listo provide a platform for both sourcing and selling cannabis, the two-way ecommerce platform is customizable, sleek and easy to navigate, allowing brands to create a professional shopping and selling experience for suppliers and buyers.

Prioritize agility and scalability

More and more vertically integrated businesses are obtaining additional licenses to stay flexible, open additional retail streams and scale efficiently. Listo allows vertical cannabis companies to use technology to implement processes that scale.

Choose flexible and supported technology

Sophisticated operations and multi-state operators embrace technology to maximize efficiency. Our team of experts understands the industry and the needs of California vertical cannabis companies. We designed Listo to be customizable to every business, and we will support your entire team through onboarding, integration and operation.
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Next-level technology for vertically integrated cannabis companies

Listo is just the beginning. Take your operations to the next level with our sister app, Chaski.

Your team has to juggle multiple licenses, moving inventory, purchasing and selling, while upholding the branding and reputation your customers expect. The powerhouse combination of Listo and Chaski offers an end-to-end software solution.

Trusted technology for every element of your vertical operation

With Listo and Chaski, your vertically integrated team can engage in any necessary business activity:

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Use a single login to view consolidated inventory and filter by license
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Efficiently manage inventory and automate package parsing across multiple licenses whenever and wherever
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Buy and sell cannabis in Listo and automate the associated record and compliance document creation in Chaski
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Create custom workflows in Chaski to manage order fulfillment from sale to completion
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Use Listo deals as a trigger to initiate workflows and create specific tasks for team members
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Extend organization and compliance beyond the sales process and into operations management
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Schedule a cannabis vertical integration demo

We developed Listo to make team management and business operations easier. Our team of experts understands the importance of technology to keep vertically integrated cannabis companies lean and efficient. With Listo you get more than an app, you get a partner dedicated to your team’s success.

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